Meet Our Staff

Our members of staff are a dedicated team that will guarantee your pet will be receiving the highest amount of care and expertise. ‘Where Caring Counts’ is the ethos in which we run by and here are the people that make it happen!

Our Vets 

Jamie Winstone, Veterinary Surgeon MRCVS and Owner
Dennis Lampard, Veterinary Surgeon MRCVS

Our Team 

Practice Manager
Nicola Hawskworth RVN, Practice Manager

Having been part of Jamie’s for nearly 30 years, perhaps my service record says it all. Brilliant place to work, with a close knit team who love and care for all the animals we see on a daily basis!

Sarah Baker, Receptionist

I am one of the part time receptionist. My favorite part of the job is  meeting people and their pets!

Anne Langstone, Receptionist

I have worked for Jamie for over 10 years and enjoy working with a great team!

Hannah Jarvis Student Veterinary Nurse

I am a student veterinary nurse studying at Rodbaston College. I have been in practice for over two years and am enjoying working at Jamie’s!

Holly Kanani Student Veterinary Nurse

I am in my last year of studying and have enjoyed learning alongside a great team, I feel that I have been able to develop my skills here and enjoy the diversity of the job.

Student VN
Charlotte Hinkley Student Veterinary Nurse

I am a forth year BSc Hon Degree Student Veterinary Nurse and have been working at Jamie’s for 3 years. I enjoy anesthetics and comforting nervous animals

Bethany Ford, Student Care Assistant

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