Client Advice – Kittens

Important Information About Your New Kitten


Why do we vaccinate kittens?

Your kitten will need to be vaccinated to protect him from diseases. We routinely vaccinate against cat flu and enteritis and also recommend that you vaccinate against feline leukemia.

When should a kitten be vaccinated? 

The first vaccination should be given at nine weeks of age and a second vaccination is given three weeks later to complete the course. Both of these vaccinations must be given or your kitten is not fully protected. It takes a little time for the vaccination to take effect. Your kitten will be fully protected one week after the second vaccination is given.

Will my kitten need any follow up vaccinations?

For continued protection your cat will need to have a booster vaccination twelve months after the second kitten vaccination and every twelve months after this.

How often should a kitten be wormed?

We usually recommend that an owner worms a kitten when he comes to his new home. This is especially important if you do not know if the kitten was wormed before you had him. Kittens should then be wormed every month until six months of age and then wormed every three to six months.


When should my kitten be neutered? We recommend that your kitten be neutered at five to six months of age. This is a routine operation and he or she will be home with you the same


day. A female cat will have stitches in and will need to return to the surgery after ten days to have them removed. A male cat does not have stitches and does not normally need a follow up appointment.